Cacoo Reveals Redesigned Diagrams Page

Cacoo aims to be an easy-to-use tool for all users. Usability is our No.1 priority and we are working hard everyday to improve. We are excited to announce a new milestone in our usability goals: Cacoo’s diagram page has been redesigned and is now even easier to navigate! Check out our new improvements below!

Easy to view images

The screen layout has been completely redesigned! Larger images are now available in our new, spacious layout on the diagram page. Change image size to actual or fixed by simply double-clicking on the sheet. Viewing your diagrams has never been easier!

Easy to find sheets

No more selecting sheet tabs! You can now preview sheets in the new thumbnail viewer on the left hand side of the diagram page. Switch from one sheet to another by clicking on the thumbnail or using the arrow keys (up/left arrow keys move to the sheet above, down/right keys move to the sheet below). Finding your sheets has never been easier!

Easy to use links

Links are now clickable in the diagram page and are highlighted as you move from one sheet to another. Setup link configuration on the editing page using the “Inspector” or by right-clicking on the text or object you wish to link, and selecting “Link” from the pop-up menu. Using links has never been easier!

Updated history feature for paid plans

The History feature, available for Plus and Business plans, has been updated to easily compare diagram changes.

The History feature allows you to track changes in your diagram. Simply save a version of your diagram by clicking “Save Diagram” on the editing page and checking the “Save as Version” button. Each version is assigned a version number in order for you to easily identify and share previous versions. You can also embed a version of your diagram into your blog or web page.

From the diagram page, click on the History icon in the right hand menu to view and compare saved versions. Click “Compare this version” to highlight the section of the diagram that was changed.

In addition, you now export a past version and copy/edit to create a new diagram.

The history feature is exclusively available for Cacoo for Business and Plus plan users. Click here for paid plan pricing and information about our 30-day free trial!

Other improvements:

  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available. Refer to the guide that is displayed by clicking the hint_gray icon for more information.
  • ”Only View Image” menu has been added under the “Diagram Action” tab. This new menu makes checking mockups more convenient.
  • “Presentation” menu has been added under the “Diagram Action” tab. This new menu displays the image in an enlarged view the size the screen and is convenient for showing a presentation of your diagrams.
  • The size of the sheet can now be specified for an embedded viewer in your blog or web page.


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