Introducing Cacoo for Education!

Before our new and improved Cacoo for Education plan, the Cacoo team had released a free Academic Plan to students and teachers. We’re excited to announce that Cacoo for Education has officially launched!

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What is Cacoo for Education?

Cacoo for Education is a free plan for students, teachers and educators. They can use Cacoo to create, share and edit diagrams together at the same time. It also has the same premium features for Cacoo for Business (C4Biz), such as stronger security, administrative control, group sharing and access permissions.

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Cacoo for Education lets you create up to 200 projects (see our Cacoo for Business guide) and up to 20,000 diagram sheets.

You can have an unlimited number of users per project. Use Cacoo with anyone in your school, classmates and teachers alike.

Unlike with the previous Academic plan, diagram owners are now set as the organization instead of individual users. So even when people eventually graduate or leave the school, the diagrams will always be available to the organization that holds the Cacoo for Education account.

Apply now!

Fill out an online form with your name, email address, and school name. Our Cacoo support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We hope students and educators will be enjoying their group work more with Cacoo for education!

Message for current Academic plan users

You can no longer apply for the Academic plan, but current users can continue to use it. We will promote the transition from the Acadmic plan to Cacoo for Education by the end of the year.

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