Discuss & share feedback with Cacoo’s new chat feature

Discuss & share feedback with Cacoo’s new chat feature

The rise of remote working makes it more critical than ever to be able to communicate easily online about diagrams. Incoming: Cacoo now has a chat window right in the Editor.

Chatting in Cacoo

Open a diagram and head over to the Comments, Sheets, and Settings Menu. Click on the Chat icon, and your Preview Panel will show your team’s chat for that diagram.

Cacoo chat feature

You can mention individuals or all diagram members to notify your collaborators about ideas, feedback, updates, and more.

Learn all about the new chat feature in the chat support article.

Do more in Cacoo

With in-app commenting and chat features, you can keep your entire feedback loop right in Cacoo.

Give the chat feature a try today!

Brandi Gratis Brandi is a Content Marketing Manager at Nulab — the creators of Cacoo, Backlog, and Typetalk. She regularly contributes and edits content for all of Nulab's websites and blogs.