Cacoo Case Study: Hotelbeds

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Cacoo Team

Hotelbeds is an international tech company that employs over 5,000 people and has 123 offices across the world. The Hotelbeds' platform connects over 60,000 travel intermediaries with travel providers in over 185 countries representing more than 170,000 hotels, 24,000 transfer routes, and 180,000 activities. Their clients include AccorHotels and Singapore Airlines.

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Executive Summary

Hotelbeds needed an easy-to-use tool for planning and designing new architecture projects. Other tools were either too complicated, too time-consuming, or didn't provide the collaborative features they needed to work across their different offices around the world. Using Cacoo, their globally dispersed teams are able to collaborate early and often. They can jump-start projects quickly and produce new versions of plans and sketches based on feedback faster.


Hotelbeds is a technology company with a large IT infrastructure, many applications, and complex business processes. They have to create a large volume of architecture solutions for a wide variety of technical scenarios. The IT team needed a tool that would allow them to architect and design diverse solutions and services quickly.

“For us, it is mandatory to have detailed enterprise architecture documentation. Our current software acts as a repository of business knowledge; we consider it our ‘Single Source of Truth‘. But we needed an easy-to-use tool to help us design and iterate architecture quickly. That's why we started using Cacoo.”

As an international company, they also needed a tool that could support team collaboration between offices around the world. They had tried a few different kinds of diagramming software, but each left something to be desired.

“After using other diagramming tools for a while, we realized that they were not the best solution for smooth team collaboration.”

Working with Cacoo helps us to ensure governance of all aspects of the Enterprise Architecture, maintaining common standards and drive business value.

How Cacoo Helped

Working with complex architecture and highly detailed documentation isn't easy. As their IT team describes it, “In our company, deadlines are tight and our quality standards high. We need to work fast while finding the best solutions.“

Cacoo gave them the power to start creating and collaborating on diagrams from anywhere quickly. Using Cacoo, they start with a simplified architectural framework to create initial “sketches” of potential solutions. The ability to quickly get a high-level view of multiple solutions while collecting and responding to feedback right on diagrams makes the iteration process run much more smoothly. Once they've decided on a solution, they can begin creating more formal and detailed architecture diagrams.

“Thanks to Cacoo, we can make drawings easily instead of having standardized catalog information, and we can avoid identification errors of the Building Blocks of our architecture.”


Using Cacoo gave their team both more flexibility and more control over the creation process.

“Working with Cacoo helps us ensure control over all aspects of our work. At Hotelbeds, around 40 people use Cacoo every day to deliver projects for our business products. Diagramming with Cacoo [has taken our workflow] to a whole new level.”

And because they can communicate about updates together right on diagrams, they've even cut down on meeting times.

“Its interface is extremely user-friendly, and all its features and icons make it very intuitive and easy-to-use. And Cacoo's collaborative features help us avoid unnecessary meetings and discussions.”

Why Hotelbeds loves Cacoo:

“Working with Cacoo helps us to ensure governance of all aspects of the Enterprise Architecture, maintaining common standards, and driving business value.

Collaboration and diagramming have never been this easy - Once you try Cacoo, there is no turning back. Our international team says thanks!”