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Educators and students get 50% off a Cacoo Team plan

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Cacoo is an easy-to-learn tool for organizing lessons and teaching students.

Free for classrooms

Affordable for classrooms

At Cacoo, we believe everyone deserves the best education technology without worrying about costs. That’s why we offer a discount to educators and students for the Team plan.

Improve test scores

Improve test scores

Apply the the proven principles of visual learning to challenging subjects such as math and science to improve student performance on tests.

Support sustainability

Support sustainability

Go paperless with Cacoo by working and teaching in the cloud. Save time, save resources, and save the environment.

Works with G Suite for Education

Download and access Cacoo diagrams from your G Suite for Education account. Easily create and customize lessons plans for your students from anywhere.

Cacoo supports STEM education

From elementary to university level courses, Cacoo is a go-to resource for teaching STEM subjects visually.





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Pricing Users Sheets Sharing Export Options File Upload Size Revision History User Permissions
Free Single-user plan It's Free! 1 6 Up to 15 collaborators PNG Up to 500 KB Sign Up
Plus Single-user plan $6/month 1 1000 Unlimited SVG, PDF, PPT,

PNG, PostScript
Up to 10 MB Try It Free
Education Multi-user plan
Pricing for Education
3 users — $9/month 5 users — $15/month 10 users — $30/month 15 users — $45/month 20 users — $60/month 25 users — $75/month 30 users — $90/month 50 users — $150/month 75 users — $225/month 100 users — $300/month 200 users — $600/month
$9/month for 3 users
Up to 200 users Unlimited Unlimited SVG, PDF, PPT,

PNG, PostScript
Up to 10 MB Apply Now

A solution for educators, students, and administrators

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