Enterprise Plan

Secure diagramming on your own server

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On-premise diagram software for tighter security

Get all of Cacoo's powerful collaboration features right on your server.

Cacoo Enterprise installs on your organization's in-house server and computing infrastructure for even greater protection of your data on all levels. Configure your workspace the way you want, and set limits on how users share, publish, and access diagrams.

Enterprise gives you better control of:

  • Hardware
  • Security Software
  • Database Encryption
  • Network Access Points
  • Configuration Options

Organization-wide visibility for peace of mind

Enhanced admin controls

Have greater control over your workspace. Keep organization assets secure with user permissions, version control, and file management.

Effective file management

Organize diagrams and documents in project folders for every team in your company, each with their own security settings and members.

World-class support

Get technical support for installation and troubleshooting from a member of our development team. We're always here to help.

Dedicated success associate

From product demos to licensing renewal, get 1-on-1 assistance from a dedicated customer success associate.

Bridges communication gap

Bring teams located in different cities together with real-time collaboration. Use Cacoo across your entire organization, from departments to management.

Free software updates

Update Cacoo Enterprise when newer versions become available, for free. Have full control over when and what updates will be introduced to your workspace.

Getting started with Cacoo Enterprise

Learn the basics

Cacoo Enterprise allows businesses to install Cacoo on their own server or private network, giving them better control over users and access to the application. Price of license is based on number of users and must be renewed annually. ? A user is an employee, client, freelancer, or any other person you authorize to access Cacoo from your server.

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Annual license pricing based on the number of users that will access Cacoo.

10 users is $600 USD annually

Have over 200 users? Please contact us at [email_link] for a quote.

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Get in touch with us to request a free trial. Once your request is approved, we will send you the application to download along with a 10-day activation key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cacoo Enterprise vs. Team

Cacoo Enterprise and Cacoo Team are both multi-user plans that power real-time collaboration within a shared organization workspace. All the features that come with a Team plan are also available for Enterprise.

The Team plan is a cloud-based solution hosted on our servers. Cacoo Enterprise is an on-premise solution: the Cacoo application is installed on your private server and requires an annual license based on the number of users.

Enterprise gives you full control over your data, users, security settings, updates, and permissions. It is also more configurable, so you can create a workspace that is best suited for your individual business needs.

System Requirements

- Processor: 3 GHz or more
- Memory: 16GB or more
- Storage: 500GB or more (Note: Required storage space varies with the number and size of your diagrams.)
- OS: Linux (RHEL 7, CentOS 7 or above)
- Software: PostgreSQL (9.5 or above), Docker (17.09.1 or above), AWS CLI (1.14 or above), SMTP server

Installation Instructions

Download the installation manual here.


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