Cacoo for Teams

Collaborative diagramming for teams

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Powerful tools for simple diagramming

Cacoo is a cloud-based alternative to expensive software like Visio. Team plans start at just $18/month depending on your number of users.

  • Version control icon

    Version control

    Cacoo stores your diagrams' revision history forever. Members of your team can save and share diagram versions to compare changes over time.

  • Simultaneous editing icon

    Simultaneous editing

    Your team can edit diagrams together, at the same time directly in Cacoo. Diagrams can be open to everyone on your team or restricted to select users and groups.

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    Invite team members, managers, and stakeholders to add feedback directly on diagrams. With annotations, feedback will always have context.

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    Shared folders

    Everyone on the project has access to the latest diagram versions. All members receive notifications for updates, comments, and new diagrams.

Diagrams support the work of all kinds of teams

Web design teams

Web design teams

Create easy wireframes and mockups before jumping into complex prototyping tools. Quickly share Adobe assets for team members and clients to markup online.

Designers can quickly make useful diagrams like:

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My co-workers were using PowerPoint to draw wireframes. I introduced our directors and designers to Cacoo first; then it quickly expanded to the rest of our staff.

Yuika Shiba Creative Director

Marketing teams

Marketing teams

Work with designers, clients, and other team members to create website wireframes, marketing proposals, sales funnels, and more.

Marketing teams use Cacoo to improve processes with:

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I used to draw wireframes by hand, but it was difficult to share with other team members. After I started using Cacoo, we could easily edit together remotely and share it with anyone who was involved in the project.

Ami Ishibashi Director, Television

Project management teams

Web design teams

Create professional diagrams to visualize schedules, organize dependencies, and plan workflows.

These diagrams—and more—can improve project planning and management:

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Cacoo is inexpensive…yet has so much functionality. These advantages are hard to find in other products.

Nico Zwaneveld Manager, Supplier Management

Development teams

Web design teams

Use Cacoo to create custom diagrams that outline network designs, deployment plans, sitemaps, and more.

Diagrams like these make it simple to communicate development plans:

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When you embed Cacoo diagrams within Backlog issues and wikis, there is no need to export/upload images repeatedly. We can work much more efficiently.

Yuuki Asano Lead Software Engineer