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Cacoo for Business (C4Biz) can be customized to fit your needs,
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Features exclusive to Cacoo for Business

In addition to the Cacoo Plus features, C4Biz users get exclusive access to these premium features.

Security settings

Administrators control who can view or edit the organization's diagrams, as well as permissions for sharing on Google Drive and linking third-party applications.

Share with groups

Group members have access to all projects their group is part of. Individual project members only have access to that project's diagrams.

User roles

The levels include Administrator (no restrictions), Editor (can edit diagrams), and Viewer (cannot edit diagrams).

Resource management

When a user leaves an organization, the diagrams they created stay in the organization and become non-transferable. All diagrams are treated as organization resources.

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  • 100,000 sheets
  • 200 projects
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