Cacoo Integrations

These great third-party apps integrate with Cacoo.


Get Slack notifications when a team member updates a Cacoo diagram!

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Get Typetalk notifications when anyone updates a Cacoo Diagram!

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Dropbox logo


Easily insert images directly from Dropbox into a Cacoo diagram using our Dropbox image chooser feature!

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Box logo

Take your images outside the “box” and into a Cacoo diagram with our image chooser feature!

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Adobe creative cloud logo

Adobe Creative Cloud

Insert PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, AI and EPS files with a click of a button with our Adobe Creative Cloud feature!

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Google Drive logo

Google Drive

Open, create, share, search and export your diagrams on the go by connecting Cacoo with your Google Drive!

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Google Docs logo

Google Docs

Quickly insert your Cacoo diagrams into your Google Doc!

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Atlassian Confluence logo

Confluence Server

Cacoo for Confluence Server allows you to easily insert Cacoo diagrams into Confluence wiki pages.

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Microsoft Visio logo


Insert Visio files from your computer to a Cacoo diagram with a click of a button!

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