DeNA establishes a consistent workflow and
collaborates on projects with greater efficiency

DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce, and entertainment content distribution.

Key diagrams used: wireframes, mind maps, flowcharts.

"I particularly recommend Cacoo for people who produce content for the web and find swapping between multiple tools cumbersome. Cacoo gives you that extensive coverage."

— Kenichi Saito, Social Platforms Headquarters, Product Owner

"Cacoo is intuitive, so there is nothing confusing about the interface even the first time you sit down to use it."

— Kenichi Saito, Social Platforms Headquarters, Product Owner


Software & Technology

Executive Summary

DeNA began taking on a wider variety of projects, but as the business grew, separate teams failed to establish a common workflow to define their production cycle. Larger projects meant company alignment issues started to become more apparent. Deploying Cacoo Enterprise company-wide helped this globally dispersed team work more efficiently by allowing them to share and reuse common components and communicate with ease.


When DeNA’s business shifted towards more mobile software, their production inconsistencies started to affect the productivity of the business. Each team had its own production workflow, and groups were using tools that operating differently on Windows and Mac.

They were also doing a lot of their diagramming on physical whiteboards, which meant they were passing off hand-drawn diagrams by taking photos and emailing them to other teams. This led to important UI elements being overlooked in their sketches and getting left out of the final designs.

They needed to establish a consistent workflow across teams, so new team members could jump right in without having to learn a new system each time. And they needed a better way to design and hand off diagrams along different stages of production.

How Cacoo Helped

DeNA turned to Cacoo Enterprise for it’s information design capabilities. Seeing that it met their diagramming needs and was easy for anyone to use, they deployed it company-wide, including overseas.

Their designers now do all their work in Cacoo, with other team members using it to give feedback and write comments. Shared stencils ensure that screen layouts are designed using consistent elements that are then easy to interpret by anyone else in the company.

Planners use Cacoo for mind maps and flow charts of high-level processes. And thanks to Cacoo’s collaborative interface, planners and designers can now work together simultaneously on the same files to edit figures together. They no longer need to share photos of their diagrams via email, and can instead send any team member directly to the Cacoo file to see the latest version as well as any past versions they may need to reference.


Consistent workflows, design elements, and version control have increased DeNA’s efficiency dramatically. They are able to approach bigger and more complex projects without key features getting lost in the shuffle. And separate offices are now all working under the same system providing consistency across not just a few teams, but the entire company.