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  • 25 sheets
    Like a notebook, you are limited by the number of sheets you can use, not by the number of diagrams.
  • Limited sharing
    A diagram can be shared with 15 people, a folder with 3, even if they're not Cacoo users.
  • Export (PNG only)


$ 4.08 4.95 4.08 $ /mo

Get first 2 months free
If you subscribe annually

  • 1,000 sheets
  • Unlimited sharing
    Share your diagrams with anyone without worrying about any limit. This is perfect for sharing with teams and clients.
  • All export formats
    Export as: PNG, PDF, PPT, PostScript, or SVG.
  • Revision history
    When working with other people, you can see what changes were made and when.

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Cacoo Plan FAQ

How do I pay after the first term?

Your subscription will automatically be renewed at the end of your payment period unless you cancel it beforehand.

Can I switch from Cacoo Plus to the Free plan?

Yes. Diagrams create or share while you were a paid plan user will not be affected. Any diagrams create or shared after switching will follow the Free plan's restrictions.

Can I switch from Cacoo for Business to the Free plan?

Diagrams in an organization are available in same organization so you can't use them under Free or Plus plan. If your organization is not valid by cancelling or pending the plan, all diagrams in the organization will be removed.

How do I upgrade to Cacoo for Business?

Unfortunately, your plan cannot be upgraded while you are still subscribed to Cacoo Plus. Please cancel the automatic payment in PayPal and apply for a new plan after the subscription ends. You can send an upgrade request from Nulab Account.