Flowcharts Guide

Welcome to Cacoo’s flowchart guide!

This guide is useful for:

  • Anyone interested in visualizing a workflow or process,
  • People struggling to communicate their ideas clearly,
  • Marketers, Developers, HR, UX Designers, Visual Designers, or any other department that needs to communicate processes to other departments or stakeholders, and
  • Flowchart fanatics wanting to brush up on the fundamentals and stay up-to-date on new trends.

The first part of this guide will go over the basics of what a flowchart is and how it’s used.

The second part of this guide will break down how to design an effective flowchart.

The third part of this guide will introduce you to best-practices and some advanced tips for making professional looking flowcharts that are beautiful and informative.

Are you ready to learn about flowcharts?

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