Mind Maps Guide


Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, taking notes, or studying for an exam, mind maps are a powerful tool for understanding and recall. Not only are they easy to make, they’re actually faster to create than traditional notes—and more useful.

Anyone can learn to use mind maps; that’s why they’re such a popular learning tool! With a few quick tips from us, you’ll be on your way to mastering mind mapping.

This guide is perfect for:

  • anyone interested in brainstorming new ideas or learning more effectively,
  • writers, students, strategists, or anyone who needs a way to work through complex concepts with overlapping parts, and
  • people wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of mind mapping.

First, we’ll discuss some of the basics of mind maps, like their history, uses, and supporting research.

Then, we’ll walk you through a simple introduction to creating mind maps online using Cacoo.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some helpful tips and diagramming best-practices.

Ready to jump into mind mapping? Let’s get started!

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