Drawing various kinds of flowcharts such as those for program logics and business processes can easily be done on Cacoo. Simply drag and drop stencils onto the canvas and you can create the perfect flowchart in just minutes.
Cacoo helps you to create neat and sophisticated flowcharts easily with its intuitive alignment tool, as well as its rich inventory of connectors and stencils.

Snapping feature

An object will be snapped into a position where it aligns with nearby objects, either at the center or at the edges.
Try moving an object on a diagram around and experience how the snapping feature will help you to draw organized diagrams much more swiftly and quickly.

Connectors and labels

Connectors between stencils will be automatically adjusted into position when stencils are moved. You won't need to redraw lines again when the diagram layout has been changed.
Add labels by right clicking on the lines. Labels will be relocated automatically when lines are moved.

Duplication shortcuts

Drag an object while holding the Alt key on the keyboard to duplicate an object.
Holding the Ctrl key (Command key for Mac) when you drag an object will duplicate it and connect the copy to the original object, which will be handy when you are drawing flowcharts and sitemaps.

Flowchart diagram samples

Get an experience of using the different Cacoo features and functions by editing one of the diagrams below!