Your Security is Our Priority

Ensuring your security is just as important to us as delivering a consistent, thoughtful user experience. We have various measures and policies in place to protect the data of all our users.

Data Storage

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our data center due to its reliability and security. Their security standards are unrivaled and their services are designed for high-volume data center operations, and have compliance with both ISO 27001 certification and Level 1 service provider under the PCI Data Security Standard which protects your billing information.

AWS has multiple data centers that are dispersed in remote areas around the world. Even in the event that a data center is down due to failure, a recovery data center is able to seamlessly continue service.

More information on data center security can be found here:


Cacoo by Nulab continuously seeks to protect your data with the highest standards in the industry, which is why we've worked to achieve compliance with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018.

Server Access

We have strict policies about who can access our servers. Cacoo servers can only be accessed from our environment firewall on AWS and only designated operational team members can access that environment. Our designated operational team members are restricted from accessing the servers except for authorized routine checks and further investigation into user feedback such as bugs. Other Cacoo users have zero access to our servers directly.


All Cacoo connections on web and mobile are encrypted by SSL, and sent using HTTPS. We use encrypted connection via TLS 1.2 for HTTPS. All password are encrypted.


Your data is backed up continuously and in real-time into other server. If the database server fails for any reason, it is possible to resume using Cacoo with cloned data.

Once a week, a full backup for Cacoo data is done and stored for 4 weeks. If we lose messages due to an operational mistake, we can rollback the messages from those backup.

Backup data stored in AWS is housed in an extremely durable facility with a reported storage durability of 99.999999999%. ( )

Network Uptime

You can expect service reliability at Cacoo. In the last 12 months, Cacoo’s uptime was 99.988%. To view our latest uptime report, please visit our Service Status page:

We inform users of planned maintenance outages a week in advance with in-app announcements and Twitter posts.

Malware Protection

We have powerful systems in place to protect against application vulnerability and prevent malicious third parties from accessing your data on Cacoo.

Security issues are handled with priority

We have a set of procedures in place in the event of a vulnerability. All Cacoo users will be notified immediately following any security concerns—you’ll always know what we know.

We are in the process of implementing even stronger features that will enhance security for all users.

If you notice a security vulnerability, please send reports directly using our contact form.

Monitoring server and troubleshooting

We monitor server reports 24/7. Our monitoring system notifies our operational team of system abnormalities. Our team follows up on reported abnormalities as soon as they come in.

We have in place an operational manual tailored for the event of a data center failure that will allow us to perform a rapid restoration.


Your data is yours. If you ever want to stop using Cacoo, you can download your diagrams.

To export your diagram, simply open the diagram in editor, then click the “Export” button, and you'll find export options. Currently, we allow export to PNG, SVG, PDF, PS, or PPT.


Cacoo understands the importance of ensuring the privacy of your personally identifiable information. For more information, please see our Privacy Statement.