Purchase Cacoo Points

To purchase stencils and templates from the Cacoo Store, you need to have Cacoo Points.
Cacoo Point is the original currency used in the Cacoo Store. Points need to be purchased before purchasing any paid items.
Please choose one of the following plan.

  • 10Cacoo Points



  • 30Cacoo Points



  • 50Cacoo Points



  • 100Cacoo Points




  • About the payment

    Cacoo Points can be purchased through PayPal. No PayPal account is necessary. You can purchase with your credit card.

  • Team discount

    Users in Cacoo Team plan can purchase stencils and templates for the Team.
    Other members in the Team can use the stencils and templates without any restrictions.

  • How to use purchased stencils

    The stencils purchased at the Cacoo Store will be saved in "Purchased Stencils" folder in the Stencil panel of the Cacoo editor. Use them as you use the regular stencils.

  • How to use purchased templates

    The templates purchased at the Cacoo Store will be saved in "Purchased Templates" folder of "Select a template" window that appears when you choose "Select and insert a template" menu on the toolbar. Use them as you use the regular templates.

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