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  • Project Management Teams

    Project Management Teams

    Replace expensive Visio licenses with Cacoo —an affordable, cloud-based alternative.

    Create professional diagrams to visualize schedules, show relationships, and organize work flows. Keep project details together with shared folders everyone on the team can easily access.

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    Cacoo is not expensive...and has so much functionality. These are advantages that I cannot find in many other products.

    Nico Zwaneveld

    Manager, Supplier Management

  • Project Management Teams

    Development Teams

    Break the development email chain. Use Cacoo to create custom diagrams that outline network designs, deployment plans, sitemaps, and more. Store your work securely in the cloud, and share diagrams with anyone.

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    You can add Cacoo diagrams within Backlog issues or wikis. There is no need to export images repeatedly, so we can work much more efficiently.

    Yuuki Asano

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Web Design Teams

    Web Design Teams

    Sharing and collaborating on designs can be challenging—endless emails, the wait for feedback, manually keeping up with comments, etc. Luckily, there's an easier way.

    Use Cacoo to create wireframes before jumping into prototyping tools. Quickly share Adobe assets for team members and clients to markup online.

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    My co-workers used PowerPoint to draw wireframes. I introduced them to Cacoo, telling them, ‘Why don't you try a tool that's easier to use?’ Directors and designers started using Cacoo first; then it expanded to the rest of our staff.

    Yuika Shiba

    Creative Director

  • Marketing Teams

    Marketing Teams

    Improve communication across teams. Use Cacoo to create website wireframes when working with designers, share marketing proposals with clients, describe sales funnels, and more. Easily track everyone's feedback online and get notified when new comments are added to your diagrams.

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    I used to draw a wireframe by hand, and it was not easy to share with other team members. After I started using Cacoo, we could edit together remotely and share it with anyone who was involved in the project

    Ami Ishibashi

    Director, Television


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