Video Tutorials

Quick videos to help you learn your way around Cacoo.

Getting Started with Cacoo: Create, save, and share a diagram
Beginners: Creating diagrams and flowcharts in the editor
Cacoo Admins: Adding members to your organization
Team Users: Using projects to share and organize diagrams


In-depth guides to enhance your diagramming skills and expertise.

Learn why wireframes are used, how to make them, and best practices.
No matter what the subject, flowcharts follow a few basic rules. Learn them here.
Visualize your software designs. Learn about UML Diagram types, uses, and best-practices.
All you need to know (and more!) about network diagrams.
A complete guide to mind blowing mind maps.

Cacoo Tips

Learn how to diagram, share, and collaborate in Cacoo like a pro.

Show Grid

Right-click on sheet
Select Show Grid.


Draw Straight Line

Hold the Shift key while drawing line.


Save Custom Templates

Click Icon Save Save Diagram
and choose Template from the Type options.


Crop Images

Double-click on image
Select what you want to keep.


Create Gradient Colors

Click Icon Inspector Stretch from the
Inspector Icon Panel Inspector. Choose
a gradient from the Style menu.


Align Shapes

Select shapes, Icon Position click
from the Inspector Icon Panel Inspector,
and choose an Alignment option.
Icon Inspector Position Left Icon Inspector Position Center Icon Inspector Position Right Icon Inspector Position Top Icon Inspector Position Middle Icon Inspector Position Bottom


Add Links

Click Icon Inspector Link from the
Inspector Icon Panel Inspector. Click Enable and select Open URL.


Distribute Shapes Evenly

Select shapes, click Icon Position from the Inspector , and
choose a Distribution
option. Icon Inspector Position Justify Horizontal Icon Inspector Position Justify Vertical


Add Comments

Click Icon Comment from the right-hand nav to add comments.


Embed Diagrams

Click Icon Link from the right-hand nav & copy the link under Embed.


Compare Changes

Click Icon Clock from the right-hand nav to toggle between diagram versions.


Presentation Mode

Click Diagram Action and select Presentation to make diagrams fullscreen.


Create Shared Folders

On the left-hand panel,
click in the Plus sign next to Shared Folder.


Add to Favorites

Click the Star next to the
diagram name.


Change Diagram Owner

Click Icon 3 Dot to the right of the diagram name & select Transfer ownership.


Launch a Nulab App

Click Icon Inspector Group Open next to the Cacoo logo at the top left-side of the screen.